Govt launches platform to address complaints against social media firms

The government is under plan to set up a technology platform to access and process all the complaints from users using social media (naked url) firms.

Commenting on the platform, the government said that the platform will automatically sort and segregate the complaints, will pop up to the government, then the appointed Grievance Appellate Committee (GACs) will escalate the complaint that requires interventions to its three subcommittee members.

The significant social media intermediaries (SSMIs) such as Google and Meta will be a mandatory part of the platform that will address the complaints and will have to file their complaints to the grievances portal.

The National Informatics Centre (NIC) has developed the platform, and it will be inaugurated by the Ministry of electronics and information.

Further, the government is expecting a major spike in the cases and the government is fully assured that the government will be able to handle the complaints effectively.

When asked about the process of how the government will deal with the complaints, a person aware of the process said that the whole process will be automated, and everything from the complaint to the resolution will be completely automated on the portal.

Earlier this year, the Centre announced the establishment of 3 GACs which are completely based on the recently amended Information Technology (Intermediary Guidelines and Digital Media Ethics Code).

The main objective of the government was to give users grievances redressal avenues apart from the court.

Moreover, the government is making sure that the basic fundamental constitutional rights of the citizens are not violated and contravened by the big tech behemoths. And these all measures are taken very seriously by the government.

Further, In January the government created GACs due to a large number of grievances that were being unaddressed or unsatisfactorily addressed by internet intermediaries.

Further explaining the structure of the system the government said that there will be three committees- One will deal with national security, there will be for content and the rest of the complaints will go to the IT ministry.
Also, each committee will have an ex-officio chairman, two permanent members, and one who will be appointed by the Project Management Units (PMU).

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